Change Group


Innovation is at the heart of ChangeGroup’s success. We dare to experiment, to create new paths. Innovation is about applying things we see in one setting and applying them in new ways.  Sometimes this involves technology, sometimes it has been more fundamental, such as providing an outstanding customer experience in a country or a product line that competitors have not provided before.

Here are just a few notable examples:

The World’s First Laser Guided Moving Shop

An observant employee, Carl Bailey, spotted that a service depo entrance on a busy shopping street would make a great place for a currency exchange branch. It was being used by a soft drinks vendor during the day, who said he would leave if we paid him. But how to use the entrance when trucks needed to come in and out at night required some ingenious thinking. Our global head of design, Hans Van Rijswijk, worked with local and international teams to create a shop that parked itself at night in loading bay, then every morning drove itself up a ramp and locked itself into position, appearing as any normal currency exchange bureau during the day time. With a low rent being charged for the small unused space on a prime shopping street, this is a great application of state of the art technology. Have a look at the video here or on Youtube.

Online Video & Testing Centre

In 2003 our Estonian operations team  worked with our in house developer Tarmo Haud to create one of the most sophisticated systems to deploy a range of video and written e-learning materials, and also run exams for employees  on a wide range of skills and knowledge. This has enabled staff world wide to be given the same developmental opportunities irrespective of their location or nationality and allowed us to meet and exceed the Investors In People standards. 

Remote Security, Compliance & CCTV

ChangeGroup has always prided itself in having some of the most sophisticated security and compliance systems. In the 1990s we already experimented with a range of remote viewing technologies and have gone to develop sophisticated ways of looking at transactions and people to ensure we are as secure as possible and far exceed regulations.

Intelligent Roster Systems

 In 2000 we set out to create a sophisticated branch and office scheduling  system that would allow employees to have great flexibility in deciding the hours they wanted to work that month, where and who with. Market research showed a great need for the system in restaurants, hotels and hospitals and so ChangeGroup applied its knowledge of HR practices around the world to develop and test an online computer program.

Currency Exchange Where & When You Want It

 Surprisingly in 1992 there were no currency exchange services for tourists open outside of restricted banking hours Monday to Friday in Copenhagen. Tourists were stuck in the afternoons and weekends and if they did not have enough credit on their cards, or wanted to change cash to go to bars and use public transport. Bette Zackariya spotted this gap in the market and launched our 7 day a week service through our bright and welcoming bureau de changes in what has become the first of many new countries and cities. 

We have innovated in so many areas, in the way products and services are delivered, in the way we communicate, in how we run our operations, engage with customers and even how we give to charities. These innovations mainly stem from our employees, but also from our external partners who bring us great ideas. We reward people when things succeed and are proud of all we do to innovate!

Dynamic Currency Conversion

In 2015 ChangeGroup launched, through its subsidiary company, its highly innovative, real-time dynamic currency conversion software platform. Branded ‘Currency Stream’ it allows international travellers the option to withdraw money from ATMs and pay for goods and services from Credit Card terminals in their home currency. By providing realtime exchange rates, which are automatically hedged, this next generation version was initially launched in ChangeGroup’s own Pan-European ATM network before being extended to other customers.