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TCG introduces innovative People Management system
On 11.09.2002
The Change Group International plc has announced that it will introduce what it believes to be a unique Intranet approach, combining business operations with people management and development.

Building on the success of their Intranet-based business reporting systems, The Change Group has commissioned a series of new Intranet applications that will support more rapid expansion of the business and underpin its commitment to "success through people". Being Intranet-based, the new applications will be available to managers and staff world-wide with a minimum requirement for additional hardware or software.

First off the stocks, expected in Spring 2003, will be an Intranet application designed to improve the day to day planning and management of staffing at the Group's bureaux de change and other retail outlets. "The aim is to reduce the time managers spend working out branch and area rosters," says Development Director Sacha Zackariya, "while enabling managers to be more flexible in responding to staff requests for particular shifts, days off, and special needs". This rostering system will be backed by a human resources management environment, to which the Group plans to add a range of additional applications.

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