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Change Group introduces Intranet reporting
On 11.03.2002
The Change Group International plc has put all its country managers round the world "on line", with the introduction of a new, Intranet-based, business reporting suite. This has streamlined reporting methods for the managers and allows directors and headquarter staffs to read and respond to reports as soon as the report is written, wherever the director may be in the world.

"As a company proud of how a very small head office operation can maintain strong working relations with managers and staff worldwide, we wanted to capitalise on technology to further improve reporting and feedback," says Group Chairman Dr M ("Zacky") Zackariya-Marikar. "Using these new reporting methods, not only can everyone in the head office team see and share information and views from our operational managers, the country managers themselves can get immediate access to each other's news and inputs".

The very advanced reporting system, developed for The Change Group by web services specialist Loud-n-Clear, has also improved collation of data from the countries and provides country managers with both graphical and tabular data about their year-to-date and month-to-date results, thereby helping to drive the Group's results-based bonus incentive schemes.

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