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Pan-European Multi-Currency Service for ATM Providers
On 16.06.2015
Currency Stream, a provider of real time multi-currency FX technology is pleased to announce a long term partnership with ChangeGroup Plc, the leading provider of foreign currency services and international payments in 11 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America.

This is the first pan-European multi-currency ATM solution and one of the first pan-European dynamic currency conversion (DCC) offerings and gives a full end-to-end process.

Currency Stream’s solution allows ChangeGroup to eliminate the risk of foreign exchange transactions by hedging the foreign exchange rate at the moment of the transaction, both reducing the possibility of increased fees and enhancing profitability.

The pan-European ATM solution can be customised for marketing, advertising, real-time pricing and margin management along with detailed reconciliation tools to optimize efficiency, tailored to client’s requirements.

“ Currency Stream’s partnership offers us a competitive advantage that has helped Change Group secure ATM locations with top retailers such as Harrods, airports such as Helsinki, and out of town retail parks “ Sacha Zackariya (CEO, Change Group International Plc.)

“We are excited with our new partnership with Currency Stream, because this reinforces and strengthens our acquiring capability. We are now able to offer one of the first Pan European fully compliant ATM solutions covering 46 EU states, with Pan European multi-currency capabilities.” said Paul Meehan, Director of ChangeGroup ATMs.

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