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20 Year Anniversary message from the CEO
On 01.04.2012
On the 2nd April, 20 years ago, we opened our first ever branch at 174 Regent Street, London opposite Hamleys Toy Shop. This was a remarkable beginning for a truly remarkable company and the journey we have all travelled has been a long and exciting one.

Here are some fun facts about the company:

•Over 24 million customers have been served across our international network
•More than 600 million people have walked past our branches
•5,400,000 cups of tea and coffee have been consumed globally by staff members
•Over half a million dollars has been donated to 20 charities and has helped over 1000 children attend school
•Over 200 branches have been opened in airports and ultra-prime shopping streets including London, Paris, New York and Sydney
•23,750,000 phone calls have been made and received!
•Over 3000 staff alumni past and present representing over 90 nationalities
•76,800 till rolls have been used with a total length of 3,840,000 meters, which is more than the distance from London to Cairo!
•Over 90 different types of videos, books and manuals have been viewed as part of tens of thousands of hours training
•4 different salt water fish tanks at 5 different international head offices consuming 13,200 cubes of fish food!

The Change Group has survived: The Russian Rouble, 9/11, arrival of the Euro, survival after the Christchurch Earthquake, the Icelandic Ash Cloud and several floods!!

Above all, this company is the work of you; our customers, partners and staff, the people whose loyalty, dedication and commitment make ChangeGroup the success it is today. I wish to thank each and every one of you for your unique contribution,

Many congratulations!

Sacha Zackariya

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